Another Twitter user accused of apostasy

An Arab man in Saudi Arabia is accused of offending Islam and its Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) in remarks on his Twitter page, the second man to be charged with apostasy in the Gulf Kingdom.

Hundreds of Twitter users joined hands in demanding the arrest of Mohammed Salama on apostasy charges as was the case of Hamza Kashgari who is in jail for offending the Prophet (PBUH) in comments on his Twitter page.

“Mohammed Salama has followed the same path followed by Hamza Kashgari,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Sabq said without specifying his nationality.

It said Salama had just cancelled his page from Twitter for fear of arrest but added he had been sacked from work at a dairy company in Saudi Arabia.

The paper, which carried part of Salama’s remarks, said he claimed the Prophet (pbuh) had once tried to commit a suicide because he doubted the Koran.

It also quoted Salama as saying on Twitter : “If God gives chances but does not forget, then why He forgot Israel and did not give chances to Gaddafi.”

The paper also said Salama believed that God “will let us enjoy liquor, usury and sorcery in Paradise after we were deprived of them in life.”

It added: “Hundreds of Twitter users are demanding the arrest and trial of Salama for insulting Islam, the Prophet (PBUH) and God as was the case with Kashgari.”

Kashgari, 23, fled to Malaysia in February after king Abdullah ordered his arrest over his Twitter article considered as anti-Islam.

He was later handed over to Saudi authorities, who said he would be tried on apostasy charges.

Speculation mounted that Kashgari could be executed following statements by a senior Saudi Muslim cleric that the writer would be sentenced to death for apostasy. Kashgari was reported last week to have repented at court but there was no official word whether this would lead to his release.

Sheikh Saleh bin Fowzan Al Fowzan, a member of the 7-man supreme committee of scholars in Saudi Arabia, said it has been established in Islam that anyone who insults God or the Prophet should be killed.

“Repenting will not work…any man who insults God or our Prophet (PBUH) should be killed,” he said. “But we should first verify that this man (Kashgari) did insult Prophet Mohammed in his article on Twitter. If verified, then he must be killed. Many scholars and people are now demanding his execution.”

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