Bank freezes bridegroom's dowry

S. Alotaibi of Saudi Arabia was finally able to set his wedding date after securing approval from a local bank for a loan to pay dowry to the bride and fund the wedding party. So he printed cards and sent out invitations to hundreds of relatives and friends.
A few days before the wedding, he went to the bank in the central Saudi town of Makkah to get the money but was shocked to learn that he had to wait for two months.
Alotaibi had applied for SR160,000 ($44,000) loan, most of which was to be used to pay dowry to the bride family under Islamic law.
"I may be forced to postpone the wedding and I feel very embarrassed," he told Sabq Arabic language newspaper.
"How can I go ahead with my wedding when the bride dowry is locked…the bank says I have to wait for them to receive my salary for two successive months before I can use the loan…I don't know what to do now."
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