Bin Laden sparks big scuffle in Kuwait

A big fist fight broke out at a mosque in Kuwait after several Muslims tried to stop others from performing prayers for Osama bin Laden, who was killed by US troops in northwest Pakistan last week.

Several people were injured in the scuffle, in which fists, sticks and head gears were used, before a large police force intervened and stopped the fight, newspapers in the emirate said on Tuesday.

Police arrested many people involved in the scuffle at the mosque near a cemetery in Kuwait City, the papers said.

“The scuffle was triggered when some worshippers decided to intervene and stop other worshippers from performing prayers for bin Laden at the mosque,” 'Al Watan' newspaper said.

“Police units, who were already outside, raided the mosque and stopped the fight…many people were injured and others were arrested.”

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