Canadian professor converts to Islam in Saudi

A Canadian university professor converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia, saying he had found a completely different religion from what is depicted in the West.

David Woelke, an English language teacher at King Abdul Aziz University in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah, converted to Islam amidst applause and chanting by the audience at an Islamic conference in the city.

“I used to go to church quite often in my country and noticed there is a big difference between the two religions….I have found that the media in the west is presenting Islam in a deformed way,” said Woelke, who changed his first name to Dawood, according to Saudi newspapers.

“I decided to embrace Islam because I was convinced of it…I had first decided to study it from the cultural point of view but when I came to Saudi Arabia, I found the picture is completely different from that depicted in the West....the more I knew about Islam, the more I became attached to it…in the end, I found myself convinced of it and decided to embrace it.”

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