Child's finger cut off by escalator... and more

5-year-old boy's finger got stuck inside a broken part of the escalator (Picture: SUPPLIED)

A five-year-old Saudi boy lost his finger when he got stock in broken part of an escalator in a shopping mall in the Gulf kingdom, press reports said on Tuesday.

Jiad , his father and the other family members were going up by the escalator to the second level of the mall in the eastern port of Dammam when he slipped down.
“His finger got stuck inside a broken part of the escalator and it was completely severed…his leg was also seriously hurt,” Kabar newspaper said.
10-year-old girl dies after dad forgets her in car
A 10-year-old Saudi girl suffocated to death inside her father’s car after he forgot her inside the vehicle for many hours, a newspaper reported on Monday.
Abed Rabbo Al Zahrani said all family members got out of the car after their return from a trip outside the western Red Sea port of Jeddah at dawn.
“I forgot to wake my daughter Shahd up as she was asleep inside the car…all the other family members got out of the car and went inside the house to sleep,” he told the Saudi Arabic language daily Sharq.
“We woke up around 11.30 am and only then we realized that Shahd was still in the car…I rushed back to the car and found that she was dead.”
Shahd was the latest victim of suffocation inside a car in the Gulf Kingdom as more than 10 children have been reported dead in the same way over the past two years because of their families’ negligence.
Child abducted while dad was praying

An American boy aged around two and a half years was abducted while his father was praying at a mosque in Kuwait, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The man of Arab origin has just finished prayers at the mosque in the capital Kuwait City when he noticed his son was no longer sat near him.
Scores of men who were at the mosque rushed to help the man after he started to scream but they could not find the boy.
“The boy just vanished and is believed to have been kidnapped…the father rushed to the police station and reported his son was missing,” Alrai newspaper said, adding that police launched a massive search campaign to find the child.