Crime: Nigerian man’s hand cut off for theft

Saudi authorities on Wednesday carried out a court sentence against a Nigeria man by cutting his hand off with a sword after he was convicted of theft in the Gulf Kingdom, the official press agency (SPA) reported.

The unidentified man was sentenced to amputation of his right hand by a criminal court before the verdict was upheld by an appeals court and then by the Supreme Court.SPA said King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had endorsed the verdict to sever the man’s hand from the wrist.

It said the sentence was carried out in the western Saudi town of Makkah, where he perpetrated his crime. It did not elaborate on the theft.


Asian maid raped by three men

Three Asian men abducted an Asian housemaid in Ras Al Khaimah and raped her at an isolated area before they were seized by the police.

The maid had told police that she was walking back from the shop when the three snatched her and dumped her in their car before speeding to a desolate farm.

During trial on Wednesday, the judge decided to adjourn hearings to Dec 12 for issuing a sentence.


Man jailed one year for extorting work mate

An Arab public servant in Abu Dhabi thought of using his professional talents in information technology to extort his female work colleague, apparently not realizing that authorities could be more talented in that field. Just after he launched his devious plans, he was nabbed by police and sent to court.

Before sentencing him to one year in prison and ordering his deportation from the UAE, the court decided to give him another chance. It allowed him to try an out-of-court settlement with his work mate, but she refused to give him that chance.

Using his skills as an IT employee in a local government department in the Capital, the man had managed to transfer private pictures of the woman into his mobile phone.

He then set up an e mail in a woman’s name and sent her a message demanding Dh50,000 within two days or her pictures would be publicized.

After hesitation, the woman decided not to yield to that demand and fight back. So she informed the police and showed them the message from that e mail address.

“Police IT experts managed to trace the source of that message, the email address and the owner of that e mail….when they arrested the man and charged him, he claimed that he was only joking,” Emirat Alyoum Arabic language daily said.

“During trial, the judge decided to give the defendant more than one chance to reconcile with his work mate and her family so she will drop the charges…but she refused and insisted on his punishment, which included one year in jail and deportation.”

Three drug dealers sentenced to death in Abu Dhabi

An Abu Dhabi criminal court sentenced three Pakistani men to death after they were convicted of smuggling drugs to the country, the press reported on Thursday.

Exchange of information between the counter-drug authorities in the UAE and Pakistan resulted in the arrest of two dealers while a third suspect managed to flee the country.

Police raided a house in Dubai and found around 53 kg of hashish used by the two for storage before the planned transport of the narcotics to nearby Saudi Arabia.

The two denied they are drug dealers and told court they were just asked to store the stuff. But their claims were rebuffed by the court, which sentenced them to death. It also sentenced the third defendant to death in absentia.

Execution of criminals in the UAE is normally carried by a firing squad after it is endorsed by the country’s president.

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