Don’t err or you face cuffs: Saudi ministers warned

Saudi Arabia’s top Islamic mosque preacher has advised cabinet ministers and other senior officials in the Gulf Kingdom to be honest and warned that offenders will eventually go to prison, Saudi newspapers reported on Wednesday.
Sheikh Saud Al Shuraim, Imam (preacher) of the Grand Mosque in the western town of Makkah, told government officials that the post given to them is only temporary and that they will finally be replaced by other persons either for old age or wrong doings.
“Piety and honesty are your savior…be careful, do not err or play with fire otherwise the cuffs will be waiting for you,” he said in a poem published in local newspapers.
‘Officials face two options: either to satisfy some people for private interests or satisfy their Lord….they have to choose…I believe you should choose God and avoid being arrogant after taking up that post because it is only a transient position……
“The minister must remember that he replaced another person, who left the chair before him although that person was sticking to that chair….these chairs (posts) do not last and will keep rotating to finish off those officials who stick to them.”
Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab economy and world’s top oil exporter, has been locked in a war against corruption following reports of massive financial malpractices.

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