Farmer violent over Gulf man's quip

A Gulf man who tried to mock an Egyptian farmer from what is known in Egypt as Al Said area, received a cruel lesson when the farmer hit him on the head with a shovel.

A YouTube film published in Kuwait’s Arabic language daily ‘Al Anba’ showed the Egyptian, wearing a traditional Saidi gown and head-dress, walking on the road when the Gulf man sitting on the pavement near his car and covering his face shouted at him.

"Hello Saidi… hello man… are you Saidi," the Gulf man shouted as he clapped and sang sarcastically.

"What do you want? I am not in the mood for your this morning," the angry Egyptian retorted sharply, before he walked away.

The film showed the Gulf man continued to mock the farmer, who went mad, sneaked around the car, picked a shovel and hit that man on the head, sending him rolling on the road unconscious.

'Al Anba' did not mention in which Gulf country the incident took place.

It noted that people in Al Said in Upper Egypt countryside are reputed for their hot temper despite their good nature.


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