Four men play handball 'with a baby'

Four Saudi men who apparently felt bored decided to kill time by playing handball at home. But instead of using a ball in the game, they used a real baby.

The four were seen hurling the helpless child between them on a video film posted on U-tube and BlackBerry handsets in the Gulf kingdom. The four appeared to be enjoying the game as they sat inside a room they turned into a playfield for their cruel and dangerous game.
Several Saudi newspapers, which carried the 32-second film, described it as cruel, savage and merciless. They did not identify those involved or mention the child’s age but he looked below two years.
“The four men appeared to be having fun as they kept hurling the poor little child like a ball…..they were doing so in a cruel, savage and merciless way,” the Arabic language daily 'Sharq' said. It was not clear how the game ended.



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