'GCC threatened by Muslim fundamentalists'

Dubai’s police chief has accused Muslim fundamentalists of seeking to topple regimes in Gulf oil producers, urging regional nations to remain vigilant against such attempts and warning the opponents they would be defeated.

General Dahi Khalfan Tamim said he believes there is a large number of Muslim Brotherhood members in the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), adding that “the more this group expands, the more confusion it will spread.”

“We in the GCC should remain vigilant….we are in serious confrontation with the Moslem Brotherhood, who attack us because we are proud of our Sheikhs…if they are proud of their sheikhs, then why can't we be proud of our sheikhs,” he said in a lecture at the journalists club in Dubai on Thursday night.

“There is a plot to overthrow the GCC regimes…the Muslim Brotherhood that they should know that if they opt to come for a confrontation with the GCC countries, then they will not be able to get out of it…all Arab countries which have Muslim Brotherhood groups whether in Egypt, Syria or Africa, must realize that the Gulf is a red line not only for Iran but for them because the GCC countries have been governed by the people’s will for ages.”

Tamim said what is needed in any countries is a “wise leadership” no matter who rules it, adding that the UAE leadership is an example in this respect.

“I am not saying that we have finished our development march but we are going in the right direction…any leader who could not finish his plans must leave.”

Tamim said that when former South African president Nelson Mandela visited the UAE during the 1990s, he said:’The purpose of democracy in any country is to achieve prosperity for the people….I think you are prosperous.”

Tamim said the Muslim Brotherhood group aims to cause chaos in the region with the help of some Western countries.

“We in the UAE are not worried…in case those groups decide to expand in the region, the GCC countries will confront them as one entity, one group.”

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