Girl catches Kuwaiti cheating; attacks...

A woman's physical fight with her cheating Kuwaiti lover in a mall has gone viral on Arabic social media. (File)

A Kuwaiti man thought he was smart dating two women at the same time.

His time management and mind could not save him when one of the women suspected that he was cheating on her.

One day, she followed him when he took leave of her and to her shock she saw him go to a shopping mall and date another woman.

She decided to teach him a lesson and starting hitting him with her fist. She did not let go of him until the mall security called the police. They were then taken to a police station.

This story went viral on social media and, surprisingly, many blamed the girl for what she did.

Hala, a Saudi girl, commented that when the woman discovered that her lover was cheating on her, the best option was to leave him. “She did not benefit from the drama. She just embarrassed herself in public and also ended up in a legal case.”

Rose, another girl (not her real name), also felt that she embarrassed herself and now even her family and the whole world is aware that she was having an affair with a man without being married.

Zainab said the best thing to do with a man who cheats on you is to leave him and go ahead with your life. “She is stupid. She embarrassed herself and her family. She should have just walked out on him.”

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