Haj visa is free of cost, clarifies Saudi Arabia

Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in the UAE has confirmed thare are no charges for Haj visa procedures.

He denied reports claiming that some Haj contractors in the Emirates were charging pilgrims Dh15,000 as visa fees, reported Al Ittihad. 

The Saudi Consulate also said the visa issued from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia is free of charge.

Saud Al Motlaq, Head of visa section at the Consulate of Saudi Arabia, said the kingdom represented by the Saudi Arabia embassy and Consulate in the UAE will impose stiff penalties on violators who charge fees.

Mohammad Obaid Al Mazroui, Executive Director of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, as well as head of the official Hajj delegation said the charges are subject to demand but within the signed contract. However, there will be no additional payment to be made by pilgrims for visa fees as it is provided free of cost.

Al Mazroui urged Haj operators to abide by the terms of the contract prepared by the Department of Hajj and Umrah. Those found guilty will be punished and barred from operating for three years.

Meanwhile, Haj contractors have tried to justify raising prices and imposing additional fees for the visa because of the decrease in the number of pilgrims.

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