Half a million Saudi riyals found in toilet

A Sudanese man found SR500,000 (Dh500,000) hidden in the toilet of his flat. The man then called the police and returned the money to them.

He was then honoured by the Al Azizeya Police Station and the Sudanese community in Saudi Arabia for his honesty.

This story was viral on social media. While many admired his move, a few found it funny.

Details of the case according to Al Azizeya Police Station say that a Syrian man was living in the apartment.

He hid jewellery and SR500,000 cash in the toilet of his apartment.

Unfortunately, the Syrian man died before telling his family that he hidden the loot in the toilet.

After his death, the Sudanese man rented the flat, and by chance, found the money and jewellery.

He then informed the police and gave them the money, which was then given to the Syrian man’s family.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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