It's God’s justice: Afghan rape slave

Beheaded rapist was a savage animal without any mercy

An Afghan girl who had been raped by an Egyptian man for four years before he was beheaded last week, said his execution was God’s justice and described the 40-year-old man as a merciless and savage animal.

Radia was snatched by the rapist’s sister, Jamalat, while working with her mother at a small clothes shop in the Western town of Madina nearly four years ago.  She was nearly eight years old when she was locked up in a small room at her captors’ house, raped, regularly beaten and burned before she was freed after four years. Her rapist Mohammed al Nafei had always told her that he owns her and wants her to get pregnant quickly.

“He and his sister had exercised all sorts of torture, violence, oppression and torment on me…he was a savage animal without any mercy in his heart…it was God’s justice that he was executed…it was  God’s will in a kingdom ruled by a just and fair King…justice has been served against two merciless persons,” Radia told the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz.

The bearded Mohammed and his sister Jamalat were beheaded last week for what they had done to the girl, who is now nearly 12 years old, and to his two sons who died because of mistreatment and negligence. 

“When I went with Jamalat, she sounded a nice person….when I was inside their house, she became very aggressive and pushed me into a room not exceeding 12 square metres…I was locked up and then I started to cry continuously but no one could hear my cries….I was almost blinded by the room’s darkness and at that time, I could see my father, mother, five sisters and four brothers…their images did not leave my eyes and I hoped that I could have rather died than being taken away from my family and my mother’s lap,” Radia said.

“I spent nearly four years in that room without seeing the sun or feeling the breeze outside as it had no windows….I only left it to go to the toilet escorted by Mohammed or his sister….it was an eerie room but I started to realize that there is no use begging them because they are brutal persons…..look where they are now—standing before God who is always just to all and never oppresses any one….what will they say to my Lord when they are asked about what they had done to me and to my family, whose heart was ripped by what they had done….

“I am trying to forget this horrible nightmare and go ahead with my life…I am growing up now and but I am not thinking of marriage at present…I want to support and help my family as my father is getting old and no longer can work…I wish I can join an organization meant with protection of terrorised children.”

Radia said she was grateful for King Abdullah “who is a just ruler and is a supporter of the weak before the strong.” “I swear to God that all my family always pray to God to preserve this just King and give him a long life so he continue to serve justice…we have been in Saudi Arabia for a long time but we never have felt as strangers thanks to this King.”

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