Japanese company selling alien soup

Photo: Bang

A Japanese company has come up with the concept of 'alien soup'.

The instant noodle dish is made by pouring hot water over the dried ingredients, bringing the ghoulish dish to life.

It is the brainchild of food makers Yoakechaya - who are renowned for selling unusual dishes - and it's made with eels rather than called Odontamblyopus lacepedii rather than extra terrestrials.

Known as warasubo in Japanese, the creature is nicknamed the 'Alien of the Ariake Sea' for its underdeveloped eyes and large teeth.

They are a species of goby eel found in muddy-bottomed coastal waters in China, Korea and Japan.

The dish retail at 540 yen (US$5) a pot, while the box has a picture of a drooling warasubo and promises to have chunks of the actual fish inside.

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