Joint military operation against Al Qaeda

The command of the coalition forces to support the legitimacy in Yemen has announced the launching of a joint military operation against Al Qaeda in Yemen. The operation's participants include the Yemeni army and elements of Saudi and UAE special forces.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted the coalition command as saying, in a statement on Sunday, that in its first hours, the operation resulted in the killing of more than 800 elements of Al Qaeda and a number of their leaders, and that the rest of them fled.

The statement added that the operation comes as part of the joint international efforts to defeat terrorist groups in Yemen and support the legitimate Yemeni government, and to extend its influence and control over Yemeni cities that fell under the control of Al Qaeda, the most important of which is the city of Al Mukalla, considered the stronghold of the organisation. The operation aims at clearing it and helping the legitimacy to extend its control over it and the rest of Yemen's cities.

The statement added that the process will allow for the intensifying of humanitarian relief efforts in those cities, and alleviate the suffering of the brotherly people of Yemen.

The countries participating in the operation emphasised their continuing policy of chasing terrorist organisations out of all Yemeni cities, defeating them, and depriving them of a safe haven until the return of security and stability in the region.


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