Lizard roams near operation room at hospital

A Saudi man watched with surprise a small lizard that shot past him towards a closed room. The man could have not paid any attention to the creature at another place but not where the operation theater in the hospital is located.

The man was visiting the government hospital in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah to see a friend who was having a surgery when he saw the lizard wandering freely in the hospital’s corridors.

“It then headed for the operation room and ran past its closed door before climbing up its wall…how does a lizard come into this place which is supposed to be clean and healthy…and what if it managed to enter the operation room…it could be a disaster,” the man said, quoted by the Arabic language daily Sabq.

The paper said the man took a shot of the lizard by his mobile phone and that he would send it to the health authorities.


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