Maid held for putting family under magic spell

Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested an Indonesian housemaid for putting her 10-member national employing family under a magic spell after all of them fell ill, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Monday.
The family members had all been well before they have started over the past six months to have bad headaches, joint pain, breathing difficulty and shivers, the Arabic language daily Alsaudi said in a report from the eastern town of Hufuf.
Unable to find a medical explanation, the father decided to complain to the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the most influential law enforcement authority in the world’s oil superpower.
A search of the house by the Commission members resulted in the discovery of talismans and other magic-related items in the housemaid’s room.
After pressing her, the 40-year-old maid confessed that she had done a magic spell to the family and that she had buried magic work in the back garden.
“After Commission members unearthed 10 nails and other items in the back garden, some family members screamed as the spell was broken...the maid was arrested but she has not explained why she had done this to the family.”
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