Maid stabs baby after hearing 'satanic whispers'

 An Ethiopian housemaid who stabbed a three-year-old girl told police she had committed that crime because she was told so by the devil.

“During investigation, the maid said that Satanic whispers pushed her to attack the little girl with a knife,” Sharq newspaper said, quoting police sources.

The maid stabbed her employer’s daughter, Alanoud, in her shoulder three times at her house in the central town of Al Ras three days ago.

“I am still shocked at what she had done…she used to fast every Monday and Thursday,”the child’s father Shayei Al Shayei said.

A few hours before the incident, an Asian housemaid stabbed a five-year-old Saudi girl in the neck at her house in the same town, inflicting serious injuries on her. Doctors managed to save the Wajd’s life while the maid was arrested and is to stand trial.

Wajd’s father said:”We knew later that the maid was hiding a knife under her blanket…when my wife left Wajd’s room, the maid jumped on Wajd and stabbed her….we also later found a cleaver in the bathroom, which indicates the maid had intended to hurt all my family.”


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