Man divorces after 12 hours of 'fraud' marriage

Groom claims he was conned into marrying someone else; returns dowry

A Saudi man divorced his wife barely 12 hours after marrying her. According to 'Okaz' newspaper, the groom apparently received a marriage proposal from the brother of the bridegroom whom he had seen. He claimed to be the guardian of the 26-year-old girl as she had no father.

After the wedding ceremony the new couple headed to a hotel in Riyadh. When the bride took off her veil the man was shocked to learn it was not the woman he had seen and agreed to marry.

The mediator allegedly confessed to have conned the groom by giving away his daughter in marriage after having shown his sister because the former was not beautiful and was not receiving proposals. He returned the dowry taken.

Meanwhile, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and chairman of the senior scholars, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, said men can terminate a fraudulent marriage.

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