Man divorces wife for favouring camel

Told her that if she loves animal more than him, she should live among animals

A Saudi husband divorced his wife just because she joked with him by saying she loves a camel gifted by her father more than him.

The man and his wife were visiting her family’s farm in the Saudi capital Riyadh when he started to joke with her about their pre-marriage love story.

The woman agreed by saying her husband very dear to her heart, but jokingly added that the camel given to her by her father is dearer.

“Her husband was very upset, but did not show it at his wife’s family house.

"He waited until they were back home and expressed his anger at what she said, but the wife joked again about the camel to vex her husband,” 'Sada' newspaper said.

“He then asked her to come with him for a ride in the car. He drove past her family’s farm, asked her to get out of the car and divorced her.”

The paper said the husband told his wife before he divorced her: "If you love an animal more than your husband, then you are an animal whose natural place is among animals. You don’t deserve to live with humans. Now off you go to your world.”


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