Man molests school boys, films incidents

A young man who was a government employee was arrested on charges of sexual abuse and extortion in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

He would lure young students of primary school and sexually abuse them and to make it worse film the horrific incidents. He later blackmailed his victims by threatening to expose them by making those pictures public, reports Sabq.

The incidents came to light when a student approached the authorities in Jeddah and told them that a young man had molested him and filmed the incident. The student also told the officials that the man had threatened to expose him if he did not allow the man to abuse him again or bring in another friend as his own substitute.

A trap was laid for the accused and the student was told to get in touch with the molester and agree to do whatever he was asked to do.

The officials followed the student, raided the apartment where he used to carry out his vile activities and arrested the pedophile red-handed.

The officials found hidden cameras inside the room where the victims used to be abused.


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