Man saved after heart pierced by nail

The 40-year-old man accidently shot himself by an electric nail machine at his shop (SUPPLIED)

Saudi doctors saved the life of an Indian carpenter in the Gulf kingdom after a five-cm nail pierced through his chest and lungs before settling in his heart, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

X-Ray pictures showed the nail was stuck in the left ventricle of the heart of the 40-year-old man after he accidently shot himself by the electric nail machine at his shop in the central province of Qaseem, 'Almadina' said.

“We performed a surgery on the man and removed the nail from his heart…we then stitched the ventricle and the lung,” said Dr Tareq Al Tantawi, a cardiology consultant at the Prince Sultan hospital in the province.

He said the unnamed man was still in the intensive care unit in a “stable” condition, adding that he would be discharged from hospital after eight days.

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