Man who had 62 wives lives on raw meat, glass

Abu Shadeed and some of his sons also eat glass. He plans to take a fourth wife [SUPPLIED]

Abu Shadeed of Egypt married when he was 16-years-old and has so far married 62 women, three of whom are still his legitimate wives.

The man, whose nickname means ‘father of strength’ in English, says he sleeps with his wives five times a day and lives on raw meat and fish with its bones.

Appearing on Egypt’s 'Al Hayat' satellite TV channel, Abu Shadeed and some of his sons tested viewers’ nerves when they ate glass.

“I eat glass but only as an appetiser. I live on raw meat and fish, which I eat with its bones. I can also eat burning coal,” he said.

Abu Shadeed said he currently has three wives after divorcing the fourth one this year on the grounds she belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood group.

“I have married 62 wives. Most of them married me for my extraordinary energy. I sleep with my wives five times a day,” he said.

“I do not take any stimulants or drugs. It is just a gift from God. I am now planning to have a fourth wife, who should be slim and brown.”

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