'Miss Pigeon' of Gulf priced at Dh73,000

Nearly 300 pigeon owners attended the three-day show in Manama. (Supplied)

More than 1,500 pigeons were flown into Bahrain this week to participate in a rare pageantry that ended up in the crowning of one of them as “Miss Pigeon.”

Newspapers said nearly 300 pigeon owners from the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and other countries attended the three-day show in Manama.

The most beautiful pigeon was selected by a panel comprising bird experts from the GCC, Australia, Germany and other countries, they said.

“Organizers of the event said the winning pigeon is expected to fetch more than $20,000 (Dh73,000),” the Saudi news network Alarabiya said without identifying the owner of “Miss Pigeon.”

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