Morocco ban on young maids to Saudi


Morocco has agreed to supply Saudi Arabia with housemaids to offset a shortage because of the Gulf kingdom’s rifts with Indonesia and the Philippines but it has stipulated that young maids would not be allowed to go there.

Recruitment offices in Saudi Arabia, home to more than two million domestic servants, have been told by the Moroccan government that maids below 45 years would not be allowed to fly to the Kingdom, Okaz newspaper reported.

“The conditions also include that the Saudi family seeking to hire a Moroccan maid must be a big rather than a small family,” it said.

It quoted sources at those offices as saying hiring one Moroccan maid costs around SR15,000 and their salaries range between SR1,500 and SR1,800 a month.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s oil basin and largest Arab economy, has been locked in negotiations to end a rift with Indonesia and the Philippines over maid jobs. Two years ago, the two Asian countries halted the travel of domestic workers to Saudi Arabia.


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