On-air: Blankets used to block air leak during flight to Kuwait

Picture credit: Ajel

A Kuwaiti Airways passenger plane used blankets and bed sheets to block an air leak discovered through an emergency door while the jet was en route from Thailand to Kuwait, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.
Passengers began to panic when they saw the pilot and cabin crew hurrying to block the leak caused by erosion of a small part of the door, the Kuwaiti Arabic language daily Alwatan said, citing Kuwaiti Airways sources.
“Some time after the plane took off from Bangkok airport, cabin crew noticed that air was coming through an emergency door, prompting the pilot and the crew to use blankets and bed sheets to block the opening amid panic by the passengers,” it said.
It quoted sources as saying the aircraft landed in Kuwait airport safely and that no one was hurt. “The plane was later towed away for maintenance and a report is to be presented to company and the Minister of Communications after the problem was publicized on social networks,” a source said without mentioning the flight date.


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