'Pants and flannel' protest by Saudi youth against women

A group of Saudi young men stripped off their traditional gowns and took to the streets in the capital Riyadh last week wearing only white night pants and flannels in response to sarcastic comments posted by women online about the way local men are dressed at home.

In their remarks, posted on Facebook and Twitter, Saudi women mocked the white pants and flannel donned by national men at night while at home, calling on them to replace such “ugly” dresses with pajamas. 

Men wearing the white pants and flannels were seen in a video film posted on U-tube taking to Riyadh’s streets at night and unleashing their car horns to attract attention. In another film, they were seen sitting on the ground near a shopping mall surrounded by a large number of passers by. They then began walking and booing through a busy street, attracting more curious people.

Saudi newspapers, which ran the film, said police later arrived in the scene and arrested some of the men.

“It is not clear if they will face charges as there is no law in Saudi Arabia preventing men from going out in pants and flannels,” Sharq daily said.



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