Pregnant Filipina raped and robbed by three men

Three Saudi men raped a Filipina who was in her late pregnancy before stealing her money and mobile phone and dumping her near a shopping mall, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom said on Sunday.

The unnamed woman was walking back home after having a medical check up at a hospital in the eastern town of Dammam when a car stopped by.

The driver told her he was working for the same company and offered her a lift to her house, Sabq Arabic language daily said.

“She believed him and got in…but she was surprised when she saw two other men in the back seat…she tried to get out but the driver sped away,” it said.

“They took her to a deserted place and raped her…they then stole her money and mobile phone before dumping her near a shopping mall.”

The paper quoted Philippine embassy officials as saying police have arrested the three and were waiting for the woman to recover from delivery to identify them. It said the woman delivered on Wednesday.

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