Pretty girl halts traffic on busy Saudi street

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Traffic on a busy Saudi street came to a standstill for several minutes after a pretty unveiled girl wearing much make-up emerged from a nearby shopping mall and tried to cross the road, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Scores young men in their cars chased the girl, unleashed their vehicle horns, whistled to her and begged her to stop but she continued to ignore them.

The big line of vehicles, mostly four wheel cars, brought the whole traffic on the street in the western town of Taif to a standstill.

“Many teenagers in their cars caused a big traffic jam on the main road in Taif just after an unveiled girl, wearing exciting clothes, was passing there,” the Arabic language daily Kabar said.

Saudi “Raqi” held for raping ill woman

Saudi police arrested a local Raqi (healer by the Koran) for raping an ill woman who came to his house for treatment, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The 45-year-old Raqi had told the Saudi woman, 36, he could cure her at his home-turned-clinic and that she needs to come alone.

“Instead of treating her, he raped the woman at his home…she later went straight to the police and reported him,” Sabq daily said in a report from Riyadh.

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