Restaurant in Kuwait attacked over Gaddafi

Unknown assailants attacked a restaurant in Kuwait and smashed its front which carried words used by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi during a fiery speech against the rebels last week, a newspaper said on Wednesday.

Gaddafi told thousands of his supporters in Tripoli last week that his forces would liberate Libya from the rebels “town by town, house by house and zanga zanga (lane by lane).
“An old Kuwaiti man came to my restaurant and said to me ‘how can you use words by a man (Gaddafi) who is killing his people,” said the Egyptian owner of a Kuwait City restaurant, which had the words “zanga zanga” juice on its front.
“He then left angrily…three unknown men came later and smashed the front,” he said, quoted by Alanba newspaper.
It said the police are hunting for the three after the restaurant owner provided them with their car’s number.
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