Saudi bans posters on mosques

Saudi Arabia has banned sticking posters and other papers on mosques in an apparent bid to curb terror funding, a local daily said on Thursday.

Preachers told congregates at mosques that they have received instructions from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowments to stop sticking any posters on mosque walls or inside the “house of God”, Alyoum said.

“The preachers at the mosques said the ban covers all those posters which call for donations for Islamic activities and charity groups,” the paper said.

“These calls have nothing to do with Islamic activities…posters authorized by the competent authorities, especially invitations for Islamic lectures at mosques and other places, are allowed provided they are removed after the event.”

The paper quoted a Ministry official as saying the ban was prompted by “serious violations and an increase in posters that have nothing to do with Islam.”

“Some people are using these posters for other purposes and this has prompted the Ministry to take that decision,” the unnamed official said.

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