Saudi courts to let women keep face veil

Women in Saudi courts no longer need to take their face cover off for identification before the judge when a stamp system is introduced in the conservative Moslem Gulf kingdom, according to its justice minister.

Mohammed Al Issa said the new system, involving stamps and the national identity, will replace the present regulations which require all veiled women to identify themselves in court by taking their face covers off before the judge.

He said the new system had been enforced on a trial basis at courts in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah, adding that it would be fully implemented across the oil-rich Gulf country shortly.

“Women need not unveil their faces for the judge after the introduction of this system, which will be implemented by the ministries of justice and interior…we have already introduced it to Jeddah courts to ensure its success and it will be fully enforces through the Kingdom soon,” he told local newspapers.

“This is an advanced system which will serve women and support the judicial process in the country…it will also curb impersonation, fraud and other malpractices in the judicial system.”

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