Saudi divorces one of 4 wives – to marry again

A Saudi man who has four wives and decided to marry again asked them to make a draw for the one to be divorced in return for SR20,000 (Dh19,500). But one of them quickly told him there was no need for a draw as she agreed to be divorced.

The woman told her husband she was willingly accepting a divorce on the grounds she is older than him. But she stipulated that he would let her stay with her children and grandchildren at their big house in the southern Saudi town of Wadi Al Dawasir.

“I have always been fair to my wives…when the second wife agreed to be divorced, I gave her SR20,000, which is considered as end-of-service allowance…I have great respect for her and she will always be welcome at her home here,” Abu Abdullah Al Dousari said, quoted by the Arabic language daily Sabq, which did not mention his age or how many children he has.

Muslim men can have a maximum four wives at a time while women are not allowed to have more than one husband at the same time.


Saudi divorces wife over 'WhatsApp' photo of her kid

A Saudi man divorced his new wife just because he found a photograph of her little daughter from a previous marriage on her mobile phone.

The unnamed husband from the northern Saudi town of Arar had told his wife just after they married that he does not want to see her daughter from her first marriage.

“He told her she would regret it if he sees any picture of her daughter and she agreed to his demand,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Arar said.

“A couple of months later, the woman’s sister sent her a picture of her daughter by Whatsapp…when the husband saw the picture, he immediately divorced his wife.”


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