Saudi oil minister irked by journalists 'jogging' after him

Saudi Arabia's oil minister Ali Al Naimi. (Sabq)

Saudi Arabia’s oil minister Ali Al Naimi says he has no problem with journalists, but that he is annoyed when they run after him while he is jogging in Vienna.

Naimi told the Saudi Arabic language daily 'Sabq' that he likes to take time out of Opec meetings in the Austrian capital to jog.

“I have no problem with the media. My only problem is that when I jog in Vienna, the journalists jog after me.

"This annoys me but I have no other problems with them,” he told the paper at a GCC oil meeting in Riyadh.

Naimi, 79, is the most-wanted Opec minister by journalists, as his country pumps nearly a third of the organisation’s crude output and controls over 15 per cent of the world’s extractable oil deposits.