Saudi police seize 80 in night raid on vice dens

Saudi police arrested nearly 80 people during a massive raid against suspected vice dens in the Gulf Kingdom’s second largest city, a newspaper said Tuesday.

A large police force entered the Rabwa area in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah just after mid night on Friday and seized around 80 men and women, some of whom were caught in obscene acts, Kabar said.

The raid of scores of apartments followed a tip to the police that a large gang operates from that area and targets mainly housemaids, the paper said.

“The gang of pimps were pushing the housemaids to flee their employers and providing them with houses to practice prostitution,” it said.

“Many of those arrested were caught in obscene acts while some men and women were living together although there is no legal relation between them.”

The paper said some suspects risked death by jumping from the roofs of buildings to escape police while others hid under beds and inside wardrobes. “In the end, most of them were arrested and those injured were taken to hospital.”

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