Saudi resort shut over mixed-gender party

Saudi authorities decided to shut down a famous resort for three years while its owner, a well-known businessman, was sentenced to two years in prison following the arrest of nearly 100 persons involved in a mixed-gender booze party.

A court in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah, where the “Sardinia Resort” is located, also banned its owner from travelling abroad for two years.

It also sentenced three expatriates involved in the party to 15 months in prison and ordered their deportation from Saudi Arabia.

Newspapers said the court also asked the interior ministry to seek the extradition of three other defendants, including the owner’s son, through Interpol after they fled the Kingdom just hours after the resort was raided by a large police force.

During the raid two months ago, police rounded up nearly 100 men and women from Saudi Arabia and other countries on the grounds the party involved alcoholic drinks, obscene acts and violation of other local laws.