Saudi student arrested on terror charges in US

The student (Supplied)

A Saudi student studying in the United States is facing terror charges after he threatened to blow up the restaurant in his university during a fit of anger, a Saudi newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old student, identified as KA, got mad when he was rebuked by restaurant workers for coming to eat ahead of meal time.

“When they told him to come on time in the future, he retorted angrily :’well don’t worry…this is the last day because I am going to blow up these walls tomorrow,” the paper said, quoting US police.

Police filed terror charges against the student at Roger Williams university in Bristol in the US state of Rhode Island. But he was released on bail after paying $10,000.

“He was free on bail pending his trail,” the paper said. “Friends said he was in a state of anger when he made those threats, adding that they are sure he did not mean it.”

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