Saudi to see partial solar eclipse on Tuesday

An earlier picture of a complete eclipse. (FILE)

Saudis will be able to see a partial solar eclipse on Tuesday morning and the phenomenon will be seen better in the northern part of the Gulf Kingdom, according to a Saudi astronomy group.

The eclipse will be first seen in north Africa before it becomes noticeable in Saudi Arabia around 9.40 am (Saudi time) on Tuesday, the Jeddah Astronomy Society said in a statement, carried by newspapers in the Kingdom.

“The eclipse will then move to the northern parts of the Kingdom after 10.00 am and residents there will have a chance to see it better and bigger,” said Majid Abu Zahira, the Society’s Chairman.

He said the eclipse will be around 43 per cent when seen from the northern region and 13 per cent from the southern part of the country.

Abu Zahira said the eclipse would also be seen at different intervals from the holy town of Makkah as well as Riyadh, Madina and other cities, adding that the phenomenon would end around 13.44 pm (Saudi time). He did not say if Saudi Arabia’s Gulf neighbours would be able to see the eclipse.


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