Saudi wife disguised as a young man arrested

A Saudi woman stole from her husband and fled her house to live with men for two months, disguised as an Emirati young man who had run away from his family before she was seized by police, a local daily reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed woman, in her 30s, cut short her hair and wore men’s clothes before fleeing her house in the western town of Alqunfudah to the nearby Red Sea port of Jeddah, where she lived with a family of four men for nearly two months, the Arabic language daily Okaz said.

She had used her husband’s cash card to withdraw SR5,000 and drive all the way to Jeddah, where she met a member of that family, the paper said.

“She lived with that family for nearly two months, posing as an Emirati young man who had fled his family in the UAE because of a dispute over their lifestyle…she was driving a car through Jeddah streets and going to mosque to pray with men…she then went to the Jeddah Islamic Guidance Centre and sought help from its director as a man having a problem,” Okaz said.

“The woman was later exposed and arrested by police. She has been jailed pending trial on charges of theft, fleeing her house and imitating men…she will also be referred to the psychiatry hospital for examination.”

Okaz did not say how the woman was uncovered or why she had fled her husband.


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