Sheep with five legs in Saudi

Farmers offer large sums of money but the owner refuses to sell it

A sheep was born with five legs in Saudi Arabia and became the only farm animal in that region to survive a year after it was born.

The sheep was born in the northern town of Rafha and farmers who know its owner told him it would not survive a few days.

“They told me it would die a few days after it was born as animals with deformities do not normally live long,” said its owner Fahd Al Shammari.

“Now the sheep is around one year old and it is very strong and healthy…it can control its fifth leg while standing but it has to stretch it forward when it walks because it is shorter than the other legs,” he said Sabq newspaper.

He said many farmers who had predicted its death has just offered to buy the sheep for a large sum of money but that he refused to sell it.


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