Teen girl is pregnant… and dad is baby’s father

A 16-year-old Egyptian girl became pregnant after she was raped by her father many times at their house in Cairo while his wife was lying ill in bed.

The girl told police she was in her 5th month pregnancy after she was forced to have sex with her father, who confessed to the crime.

The unnamed father was arrested while the girl was referred to the hospital for examination, according to the Egyptian daily Alwatan, which did not make clear what would happen to the baby.

“The man used the illness of his wife to force their own daughter to have sex with him, leading to her pregnancy,” it said.

Saudi journalist held for ‘homosexual party’

Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police arrested a journalist at a well-known Arabic language daily in the Gulf kingdom on charges of having liquor and adding make-up as he was on his way to a “homosexual party,” a newspaper reported on Sunday.

Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice were on a routine patrol when they spotted a car parked near the road in the capital Riyadh.

“They found the man adding make up to his face and after searching his car, they found three bottles of liquor,” Alsaudeh Arabic language daily said.

“After verification, the man was found to be an editor at a well know newspaper…he was getting ready for a homosexual party.”


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