Two 'lizard cooks' held in Saudi

Saudi police arrested two Asian men accused of selling liquor and cooking lizards and mice for customers, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Police raided the two men's resident in the Southern Asir province and found large quantities of home-made alcoholic drinks, Ajel said.

"They were also found to be cooking lizards and mice to serve them to customers with liquor," the paper added.

Two children gets drunk by mistake

Two Gulf children were captured on camera under the influential of alcoholic drinks in their hotel room after they had liquor by mistake.

They had mistaken alcohol as fruit juice.

Their father, after returning from shopping, found his two sons drunk and instead of taking care of them, he video recorded the two as they staggered in the room.

A YouTube film posted on social networks showed one boy sat down near the bed while another stumbled across the room before climbing up the bed and lying down.

It was not clear where the film was shot.

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