UAE troops intervene to end tension in Aden

UAE troops sent eight armored vehicles and several soldiers to the Yemeni Presidential palace in Aden to end clashes that erupted between the resistance fighters and Presidential guards over delayed salaries for the fighters.

The decision to send forces to Almaasheeq Presidential Palace area followed contacts between the UAE army command in Yemen and the two parties.

Yemen’s Masdar Online news network said the UAE decided to send troops to end the fighting after it went out of control and threatened to spread to other areas.

“The UAE intervened to end the tension that was sparked by demands by the national resistance fighters for the payment of their delayed wages,” it said.

It said that the two sides later reached an agreement to pay their wages on time, adding that the agreement stipulated the withdrawal of the resistance from positions they had seized near the Presidential Palace in Aden.

“The fighters also accepted the mediation by the UAE army to open all roads to the Palace and allow those inside to leave.”

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