Wife picks second wife for her 'hesitant' husband

A Saudi man who wanted to marry again had hesitated many times before throwing the bombshell at his wife, a school teacher. Instead of hurling the bomb back at him, the wife welcomed the idea on one condition—she has to pick the new wife.

The unnamed husband has hardly overcome that pleasant shock when his wife gave him another shock—she has selected one of her school girls as his second wife.

The husband quickly agreed and before he started to thank his wife, she had a third nice bombshell in store for him—she offered to pay all his wedding expenses.

“The man married the school girl, who now shares her former teacher one husband,” Sabq daily said in a report from the southern province of Jazan.

“The first wife insisted on bearing all wedding expenses as a gift for her husband in response to all women who are against polygamy.”

Islam allows men to have four wives at a time but women can have one husband at the same time. Polygamy became widespread in the Arabian Peninsula following the discovery of oil which turned the desert region into one of the richest areas.

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