Wife's video of husband flirting with maid goes viral in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi woman could be jailed for up to one year for publishing a film showing her husband flirting with his housemaid in the kitchen, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed wife had caught her husband flirting with the maid in the kitchen at their house in the Gulf Kingdom and secretly filmed him with her mobile phone.

She then published the film on social media and wrote a caption saying: “the minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalise him.”

‘Sada’ newspaper said the film went viral on social media networks in Saudi Arabia and said most viewers supported the wife.

It also quoted well known Saudi lawyer Majid Qaroob as saying the woman could be jailed for upto one year on defamation charges.

“She faces up to one year in prison or a fine of SR500,000 (Dh500,00) for defaming her husband in line with the law on information technology crimes.

“This law includes stiff punishment for anyone using mobilephones with camera or other equipment to photograph others and defame them,” he said.

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