Wife seeks divorce from husband because he is too handsome

An Egyptian wife has asked for divorce because her husband is too handsome.

According to the wife, she lived a miserable life with her husband, who is a doctor, for three years of marriage because he is too handsome.

The woman said that she does not trust her husband, and is jealous all the time. She said that she fears that he might have an affair any time because he is too handsome and women look at him all the time.

Her story has gone viral on social media. Many women agreed to what she did and said that it is a wise decision.

Laila, a Saudi woman said instead of living a miserable live and taking on this tension forever, it is better to end the marriage to have peace of mind.

Ahmed, another Saudi man said that this wife’s jealousy must have turned the lives of both of them to disaster all these years, so it is better to end this marriage.


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