Woman seeks second wife for husband

A Saudi woman is looking for a second wife for her husband although she has children from him, saying she just wants to please God.

The unnamed woman from the capital Riyadh described her husband as a “good man” and said he deserves a second wife to join her in looking after him.

A holder of a university bachelor degree in Islamic studies, the woman said she could not fully take care of her husband because she is busy in raising her children.

“I am quite serious…I am looking for a second wife for my husband so she will help me in looking after him,” she said, quoted by Arar newspaper.

“ I just want to please God the Almighty because polygamy is mentioned in the Koran…I  am only sticking to Islamic teachings…I feel that I am not fully doing my duty for my husband because I am busy in looking after the children.”

The woman, in her 30s, said she had been criticized by friends for seeking a second wife for her husband but added:”This has not discouraged me from doing so…my aim is to satisfy God not the people.”

Islam allows men to have four wives at a time but women are permitted to have one husband at a time.

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