Residents' stink over beach litterbugs

Violators face fines up to Dh5,000

Dubai boasts some incredible coastlines, and everyone loves a day out in the Sun.

The white sandy beaches and crystal clear water make it a favourite hotspot among residents. However, the fun is sometimes ruined when litterbugs raid the spot.

Our readers have sent us images of how beachgoers are ruining the beauty of the emirate.

"It is early Friday morning, and there were glass bottles, cans, straws and cups on the sand and some floating in water," wrote in a discerning resident. "This is heartbreaking and disgusting.

"It's really awful and uncivilized to leave trash on the beach, which is packed with tourists and residents."

What many residents do not realise is that their trash, which often finds its way into the sea, can harm sea life.

Dubai Municipality works towards keeping the beaches clean, and urges public to be part of the initiative.

In its website, it details, "While the municipality does its role, the public is required by law to keep the city litter free.

"Local order 11 of 2003 Public Cleanliness in the Emirate of Dubai empowers Dubai municipality to impose fines for violations. Littering and improper waste disposal will lead to fines ranging from Dh200 to Dh5,000."

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