Rotten cucumber fight in Saudi supermarket

A Saudi man shopping at a top supermarket chain in Saudi triggered a scuffle with the workers after asking his friend to film him with a rotten cucumber box he found in the vegetable section at the shop. The man then put the film on YouTube, drawing sharp criticism from local health authorities.

The two-minute film, published in Saudi newspapers on Wednesday, showed the unnamed man holding and waving the rotten cucumber box and screaming at the workers in a bid to attract the attention of other customers.

The sales manager and several other staff members at the hypermarket in Riyadh were shown surrounding the man and trying to snatch the box from him. A scuffle ensued before one worker managed to retrieve the box.

The film, shown in Sharq newspaper, was entitled:”An honest Saudi man exposes Carrefour and quarrels with its staff members.”

The paper said that besides infuriating staff, the man also drew angry reactions from local health officials on the grounds the film appears to be criticizing their failure to detect bad food in stores.

“The way this man used in exposing bad food is unacceptable and undisciplined,” said Rushoud al Shaqrawi, deputy director of the Saudi consumer protection committee. “There are other disciplined ways that should be followed in such cases, including contacting the municipality on its emergency number.”

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